Jack Wilshere might Return to West Ham

Jack Wilshere is expected to return soon in action for West Ham. It was feared that he might miss the remaining season due to the struggle with his ankle problem. He has already missed eleven games before December due to his ankle surgery. But he has been on rest due to the ankle ever since.

He wanted to show Arsenal when he was going to play with them for the first time after ending his allegiance of seventeen years with Arsenal. He did not renew his contract with Gunners as he learned that the manager who had been appointed new did not provide a guarantee about his time in the 1st team.

He spent a year on loan at Bournemouth but could probably not feature against the parent club. The player said to West Ham that he wants to prove a point to the Arsenal about how he wants to prove them wrong for getting rid of him. He also added that he thinks they have better chances as he knows them better and can play well against them. He feels that it is going to be strange as he was could not feature against the parent club due to being on loan and now he is looking forward to it.

Arsenal and West Ham are for now winless a team considering their game for two games initially which was played under the manager who was appointed just recently. Arsenal was beaten up by Chelsea and Manchester City while Hammers were by Bournemouth and Liverpool. Jack said that His old team might have gotten a new manager but he knows the rest of the player very well and that gives him an edge over them. It will be interesting to see how the players respond to these changes and decisions.

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