Tommy Smith doesn’t mind Watford having to play West Ham

Tommy Smith doesn’t mind Watford having to play West Ham just three days ahead of FA Cup Round of 4.

Watford-West Ham Premiership game had actually not had to happen at this time. Its original schedule date was some time back, but, it was postponed for some reason.

Now that it has fallen so close to the Cup Semi, it has sort of become unwelcoming. The fans are worried that it might lead to the exhaustion of the team.

Tommy Smith though doesn’t share this view and says this game can be blessing in disguise.

According to Smith, it’s not necessarily good for the players to spend a long time in the wait of a hyped match as they keep thinking about it and might develop some sort of negativity.

If something comes in between that time period for them to get a little bit distracted from the big clash, it is very unlikely to harm them because they need that distraction.

For Smith, be it the semi or whatever, it’s all Football at the end of the day and you have to show the same sorts of skills to win it. You don’t have to do anything different. So, why to take it any differently?

As far as Watford is concerned, they don’t generally come this far in a top competition.

In fact, it has taken them more than 30 years to get to this stage in a FA Cup again. They had done it before in 1983-84 and at that time actually; they had taken it even further and had made the final which they would obviously look to do again.

Crystal Palace is the team playing them in the semis and the Hornets might have a slight psychological edge against them having had the better of them in the previous encounter of the two teams in February.

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