Manchester United have been an excellent run of form in the last two months

Manchester United have been an excellent run of form in the last two months after suffering just one defeat – against Southampton at home – during this period.

This form has seen them maintain their fight for a top four spot, although the possibility of winning the title looks to be beyond them. Even though the team has been achieving results, United have been criticised for their poor style of play. West Ham manager Sam Allardyce was quite open with the criticism, as he blamed United for the long ball tactics that led to a 1-1 draw between the two clubs recently.

United have been regarded as one of the most attractive teams to watch in England. This is after years of playing attacking football under the stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson. Due to certain limitations in defence, Van Gaal has had to adopt a different set of tactics. He is also thought to be unhappy with the striker’s in the squad. This has led to the club playing a different style of football and defender Jonny Evans has admitted for the first time that the club need to improve a lot if they are to begin their past status. United have been defeated only once in the last 19 matches of all competitions.

“The manager wants us to play more attractive football and I think as players we know we can perform better.At the start of the season we were not playing well and we were not getting results but the manager has got us organised and everyone knows their jobs. I think once we get that cemented then we can go and start entertaining again. Once we get the ball down show our composure I think the football will be attractive,” said the United defender who has made just 11 appearance of this campaign.

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