Manchester United can win title

Former Manchester United player Ji Sung Park believes that his former team can win the title this season. He said that the best thing that Manchester United has done is the appointment of Jose Mourinho as manager. He said that the Portuguese manager has the necessary experience and skills to manage a team such as Manchester United and believe that he will win the title.

The former midfielder said that Manchester United is a big team and that it requires a big manager to manage such a team. He believes that Jose Mourinho is the right man in the right place and that he is the right person to bring the title back to Manchester United.

Ji Sung Park said that he is happy that Manchester United has signed a player such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He said that the big striker is an incredible player and that he is going to be helpful for the team during the season. He said that he is a natural leader and that he is going to inspire the other players around him. Ji Sung Park said having a player such as Zlatan in the team will be helpful for the younger players.

Ji Sung Park said that fans should give Mourinho time before judging him. He said that it is easy to build a new team and that he will need to inculcate his own tactics and strategy in the team. He said that it might take some time before seeing the real Manchester United team. However, he admitted that it would not be easy as there are other strong teams such as Manchester City and Chelsea in the league and that they will also be competing for the title. However, he believes that Mourinho is the most experienced manager and that he will be an asset for United.

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