Any Premier League team vying to contest for the championship has always had to deal with threat of injuries putting its best men on the treatment table while forcing the coach to improvised either with academy materials or underwhelming performers in the squad.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool have had to face all manners of temptations as regards losing their first teamers to injury while having to make do with the rest of the bench warmers.

The festive season was the worst for the Reds as they lost nothing less than seven players to injury. Luckily for the table toppers they were able to come away from the string of fixtures both at home and at the club world cup in Qatar without losing any match.

As they prepare to face Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham hotspur, Fabinho and Shaqiri are set to make a comeback from the treatment table.

The other duo who are yet to have any positive feedback are DejanLovren and Joel Matip

The way Klopp has managed the crisis as opposed to any other premier league team like Manchester United has played a huge role in ensuring that nothing will stop the Reds from making history this season.

They are yet to lose any match and are set to become the new invicibles judging by the way they have trashed teams even without their strongest eleven.

United on the other hand, increasingly suffer from injuries particularly to key members like Paul Pogba and SottMctomminay

Luckily for Liverpool though, the demons felling the rest of the team have failed to lay hands on any of their front three

Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Rob Firmino have so far remained injury free for most of the season and judging by the way they have contributed to their title pursuit, it is hard to see how Liverpool would not have been affected.

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