Fight between Arsenal and Everton for Nunez

Both Everton and Arsenal are set to fight for Unai Nunez. He is the famous defender from Athletic Bilbao and plays in the centre-back position. Arsenal and Everton are participants of the Premier League. Both of them have shown interest in this player and they are keen to take up him for their team. Unai has been one of the most high-rated players from Athletic Bilbao who has displayed his set of skills in the center-back position for the club in several matches. Nunez is considered to be a classic central defender of modern-day. He is a strong player who can pass the ball quickly when needed. One thing for which he always gets compared with Aymeric Laporte is the style of diagonal cross-field playing.

Nunez is one player who has received a senior cap from Spain and speculations are being made that he is going to change his club. It is also being understood that he is anticipating a move. It is also known that the 22 year old player has helped the Under 21 team from Spain to triumph in the Championships of Europe held earlier this year. This has been one reason for various clubs from Europe eyeing on him.

Unai Nunez has also caught the attention of many European clubs because of the skills that he has shown during the matches. But, according to him, it is hard for football’s first team to come in the scenario this season. He has raised hopes for Toffees and Gunners and mentioned that these clubs are easily attainable and can be obtainable by him. Another thing that is being understood quite clearly is that there has been a release clause for him in the £30million region. Arsenal does not have centre-halves who are fastest, so Nunez can be a decent option who will be playing for them for a long term.


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